Q: “What will my child do at Mathnasium?”
Mathnasium provides a welcoming environment where your child will receive both instruction and practice. Instruction is provided directly by teachers, who are rigorously trained in our Method. Kids practice by doing highly prescriptive worksheets under direct supervision, in addition to appropriate work on the computer.

Q: “Why should I enroll my child in Mathnasium?”
Developed by a leading mathematics educator, Mathnasium is effective, affordable, and highly specialized. We get results! You will receive periodic reports detailing your child’s progress. Kids enjoy their workouts! Most importantly, they acquire Number Sense—the ability to think mathematically. We focus on building a solid foundation of skills, which will maximize your child’s success in school, the SAT, and beyond. There is a wonderful side–benefit from this process: your child’s boosted self–confidence.

Q: “How can I find a Mathnasium Learning Center near me?”
See our Directory to find more information about a learning center near you.


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